Photo by Carlo Navarro on Unsplash

This article brings back so many memories.

Especially one from the Neonate ICU.

I was 15 days into my Medical Internship/CRRI, post my medical school final year exams.

There was this newborn with almost every congenital anomaly in existence. I found one of them the hard way. His feeding tube would coil up every time I attempted to insert it. Thus, another oddity was confirmed- a Type C tracheoesophageal fistula. Here’s a beautiful illustration of the same.

In his last moments, I don’t remember how long I kept giving him CPR. Long enough for my seniors to tell me that I had to let go.

Because every time I tried breathing to gather momentum, his vitals plummeted.

And this was only the beginning.



Don’t use Simily to “write”

I’ve used the Medium editor for compiling content research and writing the pieces. It helps me focus more on quality instead of the technical stuff. Since the drafts here are auto-saved, I didn’t see this coming.

Call me stupid but I was nostalgic.

I wrote a true story about a patient from my internship days back in 2020. Directly on the Simily draft with no backups.

After publishing, I realized the feature image from my laptop files didn’t look good. I reverted the story back to a draft and changed browser tabs to search for a better image.

Simily’s draft tab started reloading.

When I went back, my >2000 words nostalgia was reduced to this-

Snapshot of my lost work
Screenshot taken by the author

Lesson learned: Backup your piece

I’ll give it another go but I’ll tread with caution outside of Medium.